Tradition and innovation, preciousness and resistance, fashionable and durable over time: Shoes Like Pottery are the sneakers that break down contrasts and get everyone to agree.

The idea comes from the combination of expertise, technique and craftsmanship of the Japanese Moonstar brand that since 1873 has been producing footwear for Japanese people, including the traditional “tabi” (Japanese-style socks with a split toe).


The exclusive qualities of Shoes Like Pottery are the result of the vulcanization process, or “karyu” in Japanese, performed by only a select handful of shoe manufacturers around the world.

With this process, each pair of shoes is suitably fired in a kiln to give back to rubber its natural stretch and create a soft, flexible and highly durable sole over time.

What make them so precious are also the high quality of fabrics and the meticulous hand-stitching of highly skilled craftspeople in Kurume.