So Simple Distribution SpA inherits the identity of the former Area Sport SpA, which planned and realized since 2014, all communication plans, acquiring the majority of the shares of the Agency in 2019.

So Simple Distribution operates in the retail market by activating multi-channel innovative processes and optimising the distribution chain to ensure competitiveness, quality of services and reliability to its customers.

The success of a brand distribution depends on the ability to select, reach and serve retailers able to understand the change through multi-channel strategies aimed at improving consumer shopping experience.

Synergy with the So Simple Communication Agency, today an important part in making decisions and development and communication strategies of the distributed brands, it aims to understand and meet clients request thanks to continuous digital and physical touch points.

In this context, So Simple Distribution approaches the market with a new coherent visual image, with its identity and values: Innovation, Versatility and Attention to the costumer.