Regenesi is the first “Made in Italy” lifestyle brand to invest 100% on sustainability, with the firm conviction that “luxury does not have to be a cost for the planet”.


Since 2008 and following the principles of circular economy, Regenesi gives new life to old materials, transforming them in innovatively designed and fully sustainable objects and fashion accessories.

Born thanks to an idea of Maria Silvia Pazzi, the Regenesi CEO, the company represents today an example of "Made in Italy" excellence in the production of fashion accessories and household and office items, entirely made with discarded materials to which has been given a new life.

This gave rise to co-branding projects signed by international designers and based on the principle of transforming waste into beauty, combining together style, functionality and sustainable design. Based in Bologna, Italy, Regenesi sells its products on and in a selected network of stores around the globe.